Klaudia Hadjuk

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Klaudia is a Sports Massage Therapist with 5 years of experience and is a member of the Sports Massage Association (SMA). She has a holistic approach to providing therapy to her clients and she strongly believes that the power of touch is paramount to the healing of the body. ​ She qualified in Poland and has continued her professional development in the UK since she relocated here. She strongly believes in the importance of continuing professional development to keep her up to date with new techniques and approach and to provide a high-quality service, tailored to meet her clients’ needs. ​ Klaudia believes that having massage is not an unnecessary cost or waste of time, but a good investment! Sports massage increases blood circulation, helping to keep the muscles and soft tissues in an optimum state of nutrition. Better circulation results in reduced muscle tightness and improved range of movement, flexibility and relaxation. There are many other additional sports massage benefits eg. Reducing pain, decreasing stress hormones and increasing endorphin production. Massage therapy boosts not only one’s physical performance but also the mental performance. It is a very useful tool to reduce the risk of any potential injuries and disorders. It can not only fix an already present dysfunction but it has long term benefits that would help a client to bring them to their A-game! ​ Personally, Klaudia is a cheerful person, a good listener , is passionate about working with people and enjoys travelling.

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