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We would like to welcome Anat Meier to join our team at Physio Fitness. Anat will be covering the

morning clinics on a Monday and Friday initially, and she will introduce a Wednesday morning at a later date.

Anat is a Swiss Physiotherapist who has completed a Bachelor in Physiotherapy in Switzerland and

has also completed a full time Masters in Sports and Exercise Medicine at Queen Mary’s University,

London which is an huge achievement!


Anat will therefore have a broad base of experience treating musculo-skeletal conditions, and the

feedback from her previous employers has been fantastic. She understands the need for manual

based treatment but her Masters Programme has helped her to understand the need for exercise in

the rehabilitation and prevention of further injuries.


If you would like to book an appointment with Anat, please call us on 020 7183 4436.

For further information on Anat’s , please visit for her profile here.

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