What is Dry Needling?

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Dry Needling is a very effective form of Trigger Point Therapy. Dry Needling is relevant for both myofascial trigger points and the fascia, where a specially trained practitioner needles a trigger point using sterile acupuncture needles.

The pinprick action stimulates the oxygenation of the contracted muscle fibres and the fascia, reduces inflammation, improves blood circulation and therefore reduces the local tension in the tissue with long-lasting results.

The pinprick into the trigger point produces a short contraction of the taut band, known as the “local twitch response”. The local twitch response is often described by patients as “a pleasant, good pain, with a sense of release.

(The needles used in Dry Needling are sterile disposable needles that are usually 0.16mm – 0.3mm thick and 1.5 cm – 6 cm long in size. The choice of needle depends on the depth of the trigger point within the tissue, and on the dry needling technique that is used)

This form of treatment is used by some of our physiotherapists at Physio Fitness.
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