Low Back Pain?

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Low Back Pain affects nearly everyone at some stage of active adult life, and is one of the most common conditions that we as physiotherapists treat. The majority of lower back injuries are caused by faulty posture or movements into flexion that can lead to problems with the discs. If you have developed low back pain for the first time, we recommended that you see a physiotherapist to help you to alleviate this.

In addition to receiving physiotherapy treatment, you can try these gentle exercises at home. You should work through them in the correct order from 1-3 and repeat them 6-8 times per day.

1-Lie face down and remain in this position. Take a few deep breaths and allow the muscles in the lower back to relax completely. Remain in this position for about five minutes and continue to try and relax the muscles whilst taking some deep breaths.

2- Lie on your forearms and repeat what you did in exercise 1 by taking a few deep breaths, and try to relax the muscles. Repeat this for about five minutes.

3- Place your elbows under your shoulders in the press-up position. Straighten your elbows and push the top half of your body up as far as the pain allows. Keep the pelvis, hips and legs relaxed and allow your back to sag. Maintain this position for a second or two and then lower yourself slowly to the starting position. Repeat this ten times.

Should you experience severe or increasing pain whilst performing these exercises you must stop them

By Sergio Campos BSc MCSP SRP


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