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When I was young, I knew that I would not be able to sit still for long enough to do a desk based job. I was very active as a child and teenager, always playing sports both in and out of school. Tennis in particular was a huge passion of mine.  At school, Science was one of my favourite subjects. 

So I tried to think of a way I might be able to combine my two interests. Someone then suggested physiotherapy, and that’s how it all began.

I studied for a Bachelor of Science degree in Physiotherapy at Birmingham University, before starting my first position as a junior physiotherapist at Northwick Park Hospital. 

After a few years, I applied for a promotion at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, where I ended up working for quite some time. The staff here were actively encouraged to keep on studying, so I decided to take on a full-time Masters at UCL in Neuromusculoskeletal physiotherapy. Returning to studying after so much time out was incredibly tough, but the course was extremely interesting. The lecturers at UCL were at the top of their game, and the knowledge they taught me has been invaluable. 

After this, I went into private practice, where I have remained ever since.

In 2007 I set up Physio Fitness in Hampstead, and two years later I set up another clinic in Finchley. 

I love my job, and the two environments that my team and I work in. The site in Hampstead is based inside the UCS Active Gym building. This gives us the opportunity to work alongside some lovely people but also means that we are able to take our patients into the gym to focus on their rehabilitation. Having previously worked in a clinic with no facilities, this has been a breath of fresh air.

The Finchley clinic is a stand alone clinic, but it is based within a GP surgery. So here we are able to work alongside a group of fantastic doctors and nurses, with whom we can liaise about our patients when required.

Physio Fitness now has four physiotherapists and one sports and remedial massage therapist. The Hampstead site is open all week for physiotherapy from 8.00am-8:30pm . Sports massage is available on weekends. 

The Finchley practice is open a few mornings a week to facilitate those that don’t want to travel into Hampstead, or who live more locally to Finchley.

My career in Physiotherapy has provided me with some flexibility in my daily life. This means that I still have time to go to the gym, to play netball in the evenings, and to play the odd game of tennis. It has also given me the opportunity to treat a huge range of different conditions and to meet some incredibly interesting people along the way.

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