Francesco Cogliati

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Francesco is the newest member of our team, as our Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist. Francesco is a 28-year-old sports enthusiast with an unwavering passion for both health and football. He began playing football at the tender age of four, and has not stopped playing since.

Francesco’s talent and dedication has enabled him to play the sport at a high level, and he has competed on both a regional and national level. In 2019, Francesco graduated from the University of Milan with a degree in Sports Science. He then travelled to London to explore new opportunities and gain new experiences.

Francesco’s love for sports and his desire to help people led him to pursue an additional qualification in Sports and Remedial Massage.  He is now completing a further course of training in the treatment of sports injuries. Francesco is dedicated to helping people to feel better, and to overcome the physical challenges that can come with playing sport and encountering injuries. 

Francesco’s interest and knowledge in sport through learning and playing, coupled with his interest in the benefits of massage, act as a winning combination professionally. His goal is to help individuals achieve their full potential by providing personalised and effective treatments to help them feel and perform at their best.  His skill and knowledge of massage treatment allows him not only to treat the sporty athlete, but also to help those who may be experiencing general aches and pains in their muscles for varying reasons. 

Francesco’s extensive training has enabled him to master all the required massage techniques, and to skilfully identify any areas of tension that occur in different muscle groups. He is therefore able to offer both sports massage, and also massage aimed at relieving general muscle tension and pain.

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