Acute ankle sprain?

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Ankle sprains can be a common and long lasting problem if not dealt with quickly and appropriately.

Lateral ankle sprains are much more common that medial ankle sprains and they are caused by what we call an inversion injury (turning the foot inwards). This puts a considerable amount of strain through the lateral ligaments and can lead to trauma resulting in bleeding and swelling.

Here are a few general principles that can be beneficial to with the early management of this condition:

 Take the weight off the ankle and if indicated rule out any potential bony injury. (seek Medical help if necessary)

 RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.

 Restore Range of movement, strength and balance.

Physiotherapy is often vital in the first few weeks following this type of injury. It aims to reduce the swelling, ensure that normal movement is restored as quickly as possible as well as optimizing good healing of the damaged tissues.

By Ian Jones BSc MCSP SRP
Senior Physiotherapist

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