Calf Tears

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Muscles are made up of bundles of fibres which we can sometimes tear during exercise. This can be due to a sudden explosive exercise like sprinting, kicking a ball or even stretching excessively a fatigued or even slightly degenerate/worn muscle.

Muscle tears are graded from 1-3, with 1 being the mildest of tears and 3 being a complete rupture of the muscle fibres. Immediate treatment of these conditions follows the usual RICE rules of Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. However it is essential to seek medical advice if you suspect a severe injury as surgery maybe indicated.

If you are unsure as to the extent of the damage seek an opinion from your physiotherapist. If there is no complete rupture, it is still essential to have a course of physiotherapy to facilitate optimum healing of the tissue and good alignment of the scar tissue that forms as part of our natural healing process. Muscles around the area also need to be rehabilitated with respect to stretching and strengthening.

By Shelley Abraham MSc MMACP MCSP SRP


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