5 Tips on Exercising With Osteoarthritis

5 Tips on Exercising With Osteoarthritis

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It can be tricky knowing what to do in terms of exercise when suffering symptoms of osteoarthritis in the knee, as exercise can be counterintuitive when there is pain.As the knee is a very flat joint, it relies considerably on muscle strength for some of its stability.  If muscle strength is diminished, then inevitably stability will be impacted too, which will then contribute to the progression of the condition.  Stability and flexibility are also important in managing this knee problem. Therefore a mix of strengthening, stretching and stability exercises is often helpful.Examples of useful exercises are:

  1. Static Quad Sets and Straight Leg Raises
  2. Hamstring stretching
  3. Calf stretching
  4. Heel raises
  5. Single leg standing balance

There are many other exercises that can be useful, and tailored to the individual needs of each person; as there are a number of variable factors to consider when choosing them. 

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