Are You a Cricketer?

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In cricket, we tend to see patients suffering with Thrower’s shoulder. This is actually an impingement syndrome when the tendons in the shoulder compress against the bony edge at the front of the shoulder. This can lead to inflammation and over time can even lead to tears or ruptures.

Unfortunately, we tend to see this condition in those who have rather sedentary jobs where their posture is not perfect. A slumped posture over many hours in a day causes the shoulder joint to naturally sit forwards on the tendons. Muscles tighten in this position and also weaken and then our posture adapts to this changed position over time. If your shoulder is already sitting slightly forwards and then you throw over arm, it can irritate the shoulder.

Try and maintain good upright posture whilst working. To make this easier, try not to sit for more than 40 minutes at a time in a good upright chair and try and keep your shoulders back and down. This will reduce the chances of an impingement type syndrome when playing cricket. This theory applies to any sports requiring an overhead activity for example in tennis and in badminton.

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