5 Tips on Exercising With Osteoarthritis

5 Tips on Exercising With Osteoarthritis

It can be tricky knowing what to do in terms of exercise when suffering symptoms of osteoarthritis in the knee, as exercise can be counterintuitive when there is pain.As the knee is a very flat joint, it relies considerably on muscle strength for some of its stability.  If muscle strength is diminished, then inevitably stability will […]

5 Ways To Reduce The Likelihood Of RSI

5 Tips To Prevent RSI

We all spend far too long sitting at computers or even sending messages on our smart phones these days! The fine movements of our hand, fingers, elbows and shoulders can place unnecessary strain on our muscular and nervous systems. Here are five exercises to reduce the likelihood of RSI related pain. Keep your neck moving as […]

Can exercise reverse the ageing process?

While many in their 80s and 90s may be starting to take it easy, 85-year-old track star Irene Obera is at the other end of the spectrum. Setting multiple world athletics records in her age category, she is one of a growing band of “master athletes” who represent the extreme end of what is physically […]

Case Study-Skiing Injury

Pencil case and notepad on chair

Mr L came to see us following a skiing injury which lead to a fractured tibia (the lower leg). He was immobilised in a cast and then commenced physiotherapy. Having been kept still for so many weeks, the swelling and bruising that inevitably formed from the trauma, gets in and around the joints. The ankle […]

Tennis Elbow

Unhappy Black man in t-shirt suffers her elbow joint pain or arm bone osteoporosis, pinched nerve

This is the most common injury relating to tennis. This is often caused by faulty technique or the use of a racket that is either too heavy or the grip width is unsuitable. The tendons attaching the muscle to the elbow become inflamed and painful. Consult your tennis coach if you are starting to experience […]

Martial Arts

Woman practicing martial arts with man

Martial arts, or more accurately “fighting systems” are structured systems specifically for, or derived from, combat techniques.  Applications often include more than just physical disciplines, with many systems incorporating mental exercises which underpin practice.  Most martial arts specialise in certain techniques, which can include grappling, throwing, punching, kicking, joint locks, speed, and power.  Due to […]

Tennis : Calf Injuries

Warming up is key before playing tennis. Rushing to one side of the court or to pick up a volley or drop shot can inevitably cause a strain or worse a rupture to the calf. The sudden burst of activity can fatigue the muscle and cause it to rupture or strain. If this does occur, […]

Deep Bruising/Haematomas & Contusions

A cricket ball is hard and rigid and if it contacts a muscle directly this can be extremely painful. A bruise can result and can get in between the muscle fibres. This is called an intramuscular haematoma. The area surrounding the haematoma can become hardened and then take quite some time to heal. Physiotherapy is […]

Cricket Shoulder Injury?

Cricket is a very popular sport over the summer months and can lead to overuse type injuries predominantly in the shoulder to the rotator cuff muscles. It is important to warm up the shoulder and mid back for at least 15 minutes prior to bowling. Lack of flexibility around the shoulder and mid back can […]

Case Study-Tennis Elbow

Mr JH had been suffering elbow pain for 3 months prior to attending his physiotherapy appointment, which had progressively been deteriorating. He was working in the construction business, requiring a fair amount of manual work, handling heavy equipment, and his symptoms had begun after some heavy hammering work. Having experienced significant loss of grip strength […]