Tennis : Calf Injuries

Warming up is key before playing tennis. Rushing to one side of the court or to pick up a volley or drop shot can inevitably cause a strain or worse a rupture to the calf. The sudden burst of activity can fatigue the muscle and cause it to rupture or strain. If this does occur, […]

Cricket Shoulder Injury?

Cricket is a very popular sport over the summer months and can lead to overuse type injuries predominantly in the shoulder to the rotator cuff muscles. It is important to warm up the shoulder and mid back for at least 15 minutes prior to bowling. Lack of flexibility around the shoulder and mid back can […]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

What is carpal tunnel syndrome? The carpal tunnel is a narrow channel in the hand made up of the small wrist bones and the overarching connective tissue.  A few structures pass through this tunnel for example, the median nerve, the finger flexor tendons and the blood vessels. CTS occurs because the median nerve gets squashed, often due […]

Acute “wry neck” (torticollis)

This is a very painful condition and often presents when you wake up in the morning. The neck is almost stuck in a position, which is normally slightly off to one side. Patients normally cannot turn their head to one side and are unable to bring their head up to a central position. The muscles […]