Meditation for beginners-20 tips to help quiet the mind

Whether you are looking for more peace or less stress in your life, meditation could be exactly what you need. For beginners, or people who are just learning about the amazing benefits meditation can provide for your mental clarity and well-being, however it can be frustrating at first.

Skiers Thumb?

SKIER’S THUMB What is it? This is an injury to the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) of the metacarpo-phalangel joint (MCP) on the medial side of the thumb when the thumb is forced outwards to the side (abduction). The ligament can either be partially or fully torn, and occasionally there can be an associated avulsion fracture. […]

10 Ways to Exercise While Watching TV

Being a couch potato can wreak havoc on your health, but if TV is an addiction for you, you can easily remedy the situation by trying out these 10 ways to exercise while watching TV. Read more here Article courtesy of Fitwatch

Festive Rye Bread Canapes

During the festive season we all need some tried and tested go to recipes that are easy, quick, tasty, and healthy. Well your in the right place because these canapes hit the spot and leave you time to let your hair down and enjoy the party too. CRAB & ASPARAGUS INGREDIENTS For the base: 4 […]

Valuable Skiing Advice

The skiing season is now upon us. We as physiotherapists inevitably find this a busy time of year for us. Skiing is a wonderful sport and hobby but unfortunately there is an element of danger and carelessness associated with this sport. Why do we tend to see many injuries? Sometimes injuries are unavoidable but so […]

Physiotherapy: For better health and living

Article from Femina Physiotherapy—a drug-free way of healing physical ailments—is one of the fastest growing healthcare practices over the world. And it is emerging as the preferred choice to cure aches in areas like the back and neck, and in joints such as hips, knees, ankles, wrists, elbows, and shoulders. From being an effective treatment […]

Calf Tears

Muscles are made up of bundles of fibres which we can sometimes tear during exercise. This can be due to a sudden explosive exercise like sprinting, kicking a ball or even stretching excessively a fatigued or even slightly degenerate/worn muscle. Muscle tears are graded from 1-3, with 1 being the mildest of tears and 3 being a complete […]